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‘Live A Live’ | Protagonists Throughout Time [Script & Video]


Live A Live originally launched in 1994 as a Japan-exclusive Square Enix title. Now a long-overdue remake has resurrected the series, taking its unique spin on the classic JRPG formulae over to the West, on the Nintendo Switch console.

Split across different time periods, Live-A-live follows eight playable heroes, each with their own unique stories and characters. Each hero also has a special ability that changes the way you play through each story.

So who are these eight heroes and just how different are each of their journies?

Prehistory: Pogo of the forgotten era

Set in a prehistoric period where cavemen and ferocious beasts roam, Pogo, a young tribesman, and his best friend Gori find themselves venturing far out of the confines of their home to save a mysterious young woman from a dark fate.

Taking place before the creation of language, Pogo’s story features no in-game dialogue. Instead, players must pay attention to the character's actions and emotions to follow the story.

Players can use Pogo’s skills as an expert hunter to track nearby wild beasts and craft weapons and armour to aid them on their journey.

The Wild West: Journey of the Sundown Kid

In an era brimming with outlaws and cowboys, a wanted gunslinger, known only as the Sundown Kid, strikes an uneasy alliance with a bounty hunter. Together they’ll work to save a town in the clutches of a notorious gang of outlaws.

But it’ll take more than a fast trigger finger to save the day this time.

As the Sundown Kid, players will need to enlist the aid of the townsfolk and set traps to help get the upper hand on the advancing outlaws. Fend off the bandits for a chance to take on their leader and save the town.

Imperial China: A worthy successor

In imperial China, Shifu, an ageing kung-fu master, seeks a worthy successor. Players will have to decide on how to train three students; a bandit outcast, an agile thief, and a kind-hearted pickpocket.

The decisions you make in training them will alter the course of Shifu’s story and their search for a successor.

The near future: The psychic mech rebel

In the near future, Akira, a rebellious orphan with psychokinetic powers, pursues a group of bikers to save his kidnapped friend. In the process, Akira uncovers a twisted conspiracy that threatens his entire world.

During battles, players can unleash Akira’s devastating psychic attacks and take control of a powerful mecha robot. Akira’s abilities can also be used outside of combat to read the minds of other characters; uncovering new mysteries and answers.

Twilight of Edo Japan: A shinobi’s mission

Tasked with a vital rescue mission, Oboromaru – a rookie shinobi in feudal Japan – must infiltrate a castle filled with guards, deadly traps, and ferocious demons.

Players can decide how best to tackle the mission: fight their way through floor-by-floor or take a stealthier approach and use Oboromaru’s shinobi skills to hide in the shadows.

Whichever approach you take, the castle is filled with secrets, treasures, and many dangers.

Present Day: A new challenger approaches

Masaru Takahara wants only one thing in life, to become the world's strongest fighter. Set in modern-day Japan, Masaru enters a tournament to challenge rival fighters, each being a master of their martial art.

Taking cues from the Megaman series, players can challenge fighters in any order. Each fight has opportunities to learn an opponent's technique which can be added to Masaru’s skillset.

The Distant Future: A space odyssey

Disaster strikes aboard the cargo ship Cogito Ergo, on its journey back to earth. As tensions flare amongst the ship's crew and casualties pile up, it’s up to Cube – a newly built maintenance robot – to uncover the mysteries surrounding the tragedy of Cogito Ergo.

Cube’s story features no battles to progress the story. Instead, players will need to navigate the ship’s dark corridors, avoiding lethal alien-like creatures and traversing the ship’s crumbling infrastructure.

The Middle Ages: Lord of the Demon King?

An unlockable chapter that takes place in the middle ages, where an ancient evil has returned. A new champion, Oersted, and his allies rise to face this ancient foe – but just how does his story connect the others, and what revelations will it bring?

Find out when Live A Live launches on the Nintendo Switch eShop on the 22nd of July.